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Multi-Media Marketing

There are many powerful ways to market your business and Dabcom can provide the right solution to your requirements. When launching a new business or brand, getting the right design is vital. Dabcom can work with you to make sure your business and products benefit from professionally designed logos, stationery and brochures. But in today’s world, there are far more sophisticated ways of getting your message across. For promoting your business, the ultimate marketing tool is professional video on DVD and on the internet. Most businesses cannot afford the cost of hiring a TV production company but Dabcom makes video DVD presentations affordable to everyone. Your web-site can be the basis for an auto-run CD or DVD-ROM containing vast amounts of information. You can provide your clients with access to high quality photographs, documents, articles, videos and music - then link them directly to your website to place an order. Augmented Reality is the latest buzz phrase - using mobile phones to bring the printed word alive. Your magazine adverts, packaging and brochures can be scanned by a smart phone to bring up video, web links and other information which is set to revolutionise marketing. Other services include slide shows on over-head projectors, Powerpoint presentations, video-to-DVD conversion services, and digitising/enhancing old photographs.
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